Capital One Cup Final


BATCAM LIVE for Sky Sports coverage of Capital One Cup Final.

An overview of the project

Another trip to Wembley for the BATCAM team. This time for the Capital One Cup Final. Liverpool battled Manchester City in a thrilling game, giving BATCAM the opportunity to broadcast live aerials for the Sky Sports broadcast. We hope you enjoyed our coverage, you can see a selection of great BATCAM shots below.

Andy Holmes - Production Manager, Sky Sports

At Sky Sports we are constantly striving to provide the viewer with the best, most complete coverage of sporting events. This led to us partnering with Batcam to produce the first live drone content from Wembley Stadium at the 2015 Capital One Cup Final. The results were extremely impressive and led to us working with the Batcam team at the Championship Play-off final and again at this year’s Capital One Cup Final.

Even though the area in which the drone can operate is becoming smaller due to ongoing construction around Wembley, the professionalism and quality of what was produced was yet again outstanding.

Final video

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