Royal Ascot


Royal Ascot, Berkshire

An overview of the project

In a UK first. BATCAM is the first UAV operator approved by the British Horse Racing Authority to fly within 8m of the worlds finest Race Horses. Bringing the wow factor with long tracking shots, close to the action! The Queen loved it!


  1. The aim

    To track the horses movement across Swinley Bottom. We covered the action using BATCAM LIVE and brought the unique BATCAM angle to horse racing.

  2. Challenges

    As with all ‘firsts’ , BATCAM Live at Royal Ascot took a fair amount of planning. Many meetings with the BHA (British Horse Racing Authority) and demo flights for Channel 4, IMG and Ascot themselves followed. After two months planning we finally wow’ed audiences with BATCAM tech live on Channel 4 flying along side the worlds finest race horses. A game changer for horses racing for sure!

Final video

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