SOMERSET HOUSE on the Thames

An overview of the project

Part of an ongoing series of post shoots for Sky Sports Academy. BATCAM shot stunning video of Somerset House right on the Thames. A BATCAM PLAN challenge getting clearance to fly within 100metres of Mi5!


  1. The aim

    To shoot for edit, a piece about the young Olympic skater Elise Christie for Sky Sports Academy. We used various slo-mo frame rates and lenses to get a varied creative look. BATCAM also provided us with the option to shoot London landscape scenics to add to the piece.

  2. Challenges

    8 months ago we would have struggled to gain permission to film at this location. Only 100 metres from Mi5 and the inner city central London location simply meant it wouldn’t have been allowed under our licence. The fact that we now have a COASC licence giving us vastly reduced safe distances within congested areas made this possible and stands BATCAM out from the crowd!

Final video

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