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What is Batcam?

BATCAM™ is a remote-controlled camera in the sky with unlimited potential to bring you spectacular footage. Want a shot starting at eye-line or swooping up to 400ft? Why be limited to a jib or a crane? We can provide images to drool over without the limitation of a piece of metal or boom. BATCAM provides live drone aerials for the UK's major sporting events including, Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Athletics, Horse Racing and Cricket. Drone filming is a fast growing industry. Don't take chances on inexperienced companies. Let BATCAM professionals deliver the shot you are picturing in your head! Be part of exciting technology and get material previously unattainable.

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BATCAM has worked very hard alongside the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to be the trailblazer of the UAV industry when operating within congested areas. Our unique safety practises have granted us a special exemption from the usual 150m distance of people within congested areas. So much so, we operate within 30m of people in inner city locations such as central London and crowds as big as 90,000 at Wembley Stadium. If you have a event where you don’t think it is possible to have BATCAM, think again and get in touch.

  • CAA reduced safe distances to public
  • Specialists in operating within congested areas
  • Fully insured (£10million Public Liability)
  • Unique safety practises
  • Custom built Pro systems - not consumer devices!